Wednesday, June 3, 2009

My Favorite tool the bind it all!!

Hi everyone!

I just wanted to talk a little bit about my absolute favorite tool! The Bind it All!!! This is such an awesome little machine, and so easy to use! It comes with a little instruction book on how to use the guides and even gives step by step instructions on how to bind just about every size project. It also chomps through just about anything! I use to have this little binding punch from Stampin up, and it was just a pain to use. Literally it would hurt my wrists, not to mention it could only cut thin paper and some card stock one sheet at a time. So, when I saw the bind it all I had to have it! It can chomp through tons of paper at once and even heavy duty chipboard and transparencies. I use it to make mini albums, journals, notebooks, just about anything. I even used it to bind my manuscript.

When my kids get older and come home with all their artwork and report cards I plan to make little books with that as well, but that draws a tear even thinking about it because they are just babies now.

Oh I've even used just the punch portion to lace ribbon onto my layouts, it's really neat! I'll have to do a video on it soon. Anywho I just wanted to share one of my favorite tools with ya. If you don't already have one, you're are surely missing out!
Thanks for stopping by and have a super scrapful day!



  1. I'm with you, Marion - Love the Bind-it-all!! Although, I wish I had the series II with the wider mouth! I'm always making my covers too 'fat' for my poor old Bind it All!! ;]

  2. Thanks for your comment and videos... you have inspired me to take my bind it all out of the pkg!
    I got one for Christmas (it is pink, so I am not sure what series Wendy is referring to) Anyway, I got lotsa little goodies with it- wires and stuff and have been too intimidated to use it. NO more- it's coming out this weekend!!! Thanks Marion. I'll let you know how it goes!

  3. Awesome! You'll fall in love with it, it never leaves my table!

  4. I've been trying to find one...but I've been unsuccesful! :( Everything I've found is on Ebay...and the shipping charges make it completely outrageous :( I need one though, because I recently purchased the Teresa Collins Favorite Recipes 5x7 Chipboard Album. Wasn't thinking about binding it when I bought it! I wonder if a place like Kinkos or even my local scrapbook store might be able to bind it? Hmm...

  5. Alicia, Have you checked out Blue Moon Scrapbooking store?? I've just checked & they have it instock + free shipping to 48 US states!! How good is that??

    YOu'll love it!

  6. Yeah, I saw it. I just didn't want to spend that much on one. That's why I've been checking out Etsy and Ebay for one.