Friday, July 17, 2009

Art Journal

My latest project - an Art Journal I created for my wonderful daughter. It's a really simply, low cost project that gives her plenty of scope to be creative & record some of the gazillion things going round in her little head!

I've used the fab Zutter Bind-it-All Machine, plus a piece of Basic Grey Urban Prairie Weather Vane PP (this PP actually inspired the whole project! It just screams doodling to me!!), plus the Basic Grey Birdcage Stamps (LOVE!) and Heidi Swapp Clear Alpha Stamps + Making Memories Puffy Alphas.

[I've linked these images straight their listing instore, just for your shopping pleasure!]

I wanted to keep this project simple & sturdy - it's going to go from bookshelf to backpack to messy desk to the floor!! So it can't have too many 'bits' hanging off it!!

I hope you like, & if you're thinking of investing in a Bind-it-All, (or you have one stashed in the back of your cupboard!!) l I hope you get a clear idea of how the machine can work for you.

Enjoy ;]

Thanks for watching!

Wendy ;]

edited to add:

Guess what I found over at A great Brayer!

I used one in the video & wanted to let you know that you could pick one up instore @ BlueMoonScrapbooking (of course!!) ;]


  1. Oh Wendy!! thank for doing this video.. I loved seeing how it works! :) I'm thinking this might be my next purchase .. hmmm...
    with a grin,

  2. I love the soothing music with the video, Wendy!
    The art journal was really nice and I hope to make one soon. Dang... you make the bind it all look so easy. I gotta get over my fears and take mine out of the box!!

  3. Thanks girls!!

    You definitely should buy one Stephanie & you should most definitely get yours out of the box, Gingerbread girl!!!

    Doing a little blank book like this is a great way to start, as it's not too stressful punching holes in blank paper!!

    Let us know how you go! ;]

  4. I just bought a Bind-It-All and am so excited to see this great video project. It's gorgeous! Thank you, Wendy.

    Is there a way to slow the video so I can see how the button closure is made and what materials I need?

  5. Thanks, Eileen!

    You could pause it at an appropriate moment? Sorry about that - it has to be shorter than 10 mins, so I needed to fast forward a lot! ;]

    The closure is just a big, gorgeous button, with hat elastic threaded through each hole & tied off. Then the loop of the elastic is threaded through the hole I made in the front cover with my anywhere hole punch. Watch the video again, & this should help!

    Let me know if you need more details! Have fun;]

  6. Wendy,
    Great job on the video. I bought the brayer yesterday after watching you use yours. Also, I'm becoming less intimidated with my bind it all. You make it look so easy! Last but not least, I love your color combos, especially the red wire for your binding. I'm trying to be more daring...HA! Thanks, Holly

  7. Thanks Holly!! You've made my day with that comment!
    We'd love to see what you create - leave a link here!

    Have fun!