Thursday, October 29, 2009

A week long 7gyspsies even...

Today I played with the 7gypsies Border Punch along with some cool products.

I wanted my paper to resemble a post stamp along the border. So I went to town and punched it out using the Border Punch Kit.

To get this border I used the circle punch on the border punch. I used a pencil to draw a line through the center of circle so I could get the correct setting each time. You can you see it here?

Here you go-that's better! Each punch I just moved my paper to the right and kept going until the entire page was punched. This is a really easy punch to use. There are different 5 different hole punches that interchange on the machine. and they are ON SALE THIS WEEK!!!! Check them out here!!!

Inside this little envelope is a letter I wrote to my son on his first day of kindergarten. I decorated the plain envelope with the 7gypsies rub-ons--which I have to say are the easiest to rub off-they come off smooth and easy...just like butter! You can even go right over the top of another rub-on as I did on the flower and the word "memories." I sealed the envelope with a 97% complete sticker.

Here's a close-up of the rub-ons over another.

I used the punch once again on this border for my picture. This is the ATC punch included in the border punch system, but I like the look of it on my paper, gives it a fun edge and I finished off the paper with more rub-ons. Also notice the tag-another great idea by the 7gyspies people. They really do make the coolest things.

Take the punch out of the box and play with know the box it comes in could be altered too!


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