Saturday, September 12, 2009

Basic Grey Lemonade LO

Basic Grey Lemonade range + my pink & cream Cupcakes... what better match?

I was inspired by

this cupcake icing tutorial to try my hand @ a bit of piping, & I loved the results so much, I took a million photos!! When I saw the luscious lime green, pink & yellow colour pallette of the Lemonade PPs, I knew I had to scrap my cupcake photos!

Q - How to fit lots of photos + lots of gorgeous patterns into one simple, clean LO??
A - Grids!!

I cropped my photos to square ratios, then chose the print multiples, contact sheet option in the print dialogue box, & out came 5 perfect 2" x 2" square photos!

Here's my video - enjoy! ;]

btw, I did some digi work on the photos prior to printing - a little square border + text. I was inspired by
this great video [watch it, you'll love it!].

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Wendy ;]


  1. Wooo, Wendy you made those cupcakes!!!
    Great layout!

  2. Nice to meet you.

    I was going to paste the link without permission because I had very felt the interest for your blog.

    Please link me with the blog if it is good.