Sunday, June 27, 2010

Boys and Girls by Lynnette Davis

My Angel
Have you ever had someone come into your life and just change things up SO much? Spin things totally around, smack you in the face and give you a reality check.....someone who didn't even mean to, but because of them, you have become a better person because of it. ??? Well, this is what happened when this little girl popped into my life suddenly. 

This is my first angel.  Some may say that I was too young to have her and some may say that I just wasn't ready.....but I feel in my heart that God had bestowed this little angel down upon me for a reason.  It's funny how we can become a totally different person when we are given a bigger responsibility.  I feel like I grew up the right way because of her and matured into the woman I was supposed to become.

I've heard a lot of people give the advice: "Don't ever change! Always be yourself!" But when your self just isn't good enough and when your self is going down the wrong track, I just don't think those statements should be applied in ones life.  There is always room for improvement, I say.  If that means something or someone for that matter, can change things for the better, so be it!

My Angel changed my life and instead of saying "She turned things upside-down, I'm going to say that she turned things rightside-up."  I'm a better person all around because of her!

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I say it's OK.  It must be because U R a boy. 
Those of you who are sisters to brothers know that boys get away with a lot, right? Maybe that is why they think as men, they still can get away with stuff. ;-) there's something to ponder!

I use this hyperactive attitude and personality my little boy has as an excuse sometimes....that he's just being a boy.  Am I setting him up the wrong way for the future?  I guess time will tell.

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  1. oo lynette! i love your layouts! the one of your angel is so beautiful! i love the pinks, the butterflies, and the flowers!! so pretty! love your boy layout too. too cute, love all the elements. thanks for sharing and have a wonderful sunday! *hugs* steph :)

  2. Wowwwwwwwwwww!! Lynette...these are GORGEOUS!! :):):):):):):):):):):):):)

  3. Lynnette, first , thank you for sharing a piece of you and how life's challenges are true blessings:) Your layouts are always works of art, and these are no exception!!! I also love vintage and modern thang... and they both are perfect examples.. love your work!!!

  4. fun, pretty layouts, girl! you rocked them!