Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Second Day of Basic Grey

Hiya Folks! 

It's the 2nd day of the Basic Grey GIVEAWAY and my partner Beth Perry and I, Lynnette Davis, want to share with you all what we created.

We LOVE Basic Grey and so we couldn't pick just 1 Collection to work with.

So, we took the liberty of digging through our stash and creating with the:







There may just be some other collections mixed in there too but you get the point.  We LOVE BG!!

Here's the beautiful layout my partner Beth created.....

I got a little buck wild with my BG products and went to town creating these 3 layouts for you....
I included the lyrics to the song in the die cut circles because it fits my situation almost perfectly:
"Oceans apart, day after day, and I slowly go insane.  I hear your voice, on the line, but it doesn't stop the pain. I see you next to never, how can we stay together. Wherever you are, whatever you do, I will be right here waiting for you. Whatever it takes, or how my heart breaks, I will be right here waiting for you. I took for granted, all the times, that I thought would last somehow. I hear the laughter and taste the tears, but I can't get near you now. Can you see it baby?  You've got me going crazy. I wonder how we can survive this romance, but in the end, if I'm with you, I'll take the chance."

Now on to the REALLY good stuff.....the stuff that benefits YOU at least.....
Get a load of this!  This GIVEAWAY package has a value of $76.00 and it could be YOURS!!!

All you have to do is this:
  1. Be a BMS blog follower
  2. Post on your blog or Facebook/Twitter page about our 3 days. *If you want a logo you can pull the logos off this blog post.
  3. Answer this question: You are the new designer at Basic Grey, what theme or feel are you going to create for the next CHA? All flowers, boyish designs, artisy, graphic, watercolor, vintage... you tell us! Also, do you have an image (butterfly, rabbits, peace sign...) that you think will start the next fade for scrapbooking images?
A random winner will be chosen Thursday. You have 48 hours to notify us that you have won. This giveaway includes 9 stamps and 8 chip sticker packages. Free shipping to US residents only.

~Signing out~ Lynnette Davis and Beth Perry


  1. 1) I am a follower

    2) I have shared this on my FB page.

    3)If I were a designer for Basic Grey I would introduce the world to more Gnomes! ;) More of an eclectic dream garden type scenario. Butterflies, snails, mushrooms, Whimsical trees, woodgrain, beautiful vibrant flowers . Very bold primary colors....lots of red. Polkadots are a must. Maybe a whimsical version of this little guy:

  2. Loveeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee what U created!!! WOW!!! U two ROCK! :):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):)

  3. Wowza!!!!!!!!! Beautiful layouts ladies.
    You girls rock!!!!

  4. I am a follower - 1check
    I have shared on my FB page - 2check

    If I were to design a set for BG it would def be boyish because there is so little variety for boys. My 12 yr old son would be the inspiration and he is definitely a kid of many colors.....
    I would want some graffiti, junked up, funkyish patterns and then I would also want some more subtle outdoorsy type patterns that could be used for hunting, fishing, RV'ing but not the typical patterns we see now, I'm envisioning a cross between funk and go green!

    Is it possible?!?!?! It would be FAB!!!!

  5. girl, I love love LOVE your second layout! they are all pretty...but, dang...that one is simply stunning!
    great post, sweets!!!
    and YOU are a great partner! :D

  6. These are fabulous layouts. I love BG. Will share on my blog. Thanks for a chance to win. =)

  7. I'm a follower

    I would introduce a line that is more teenage friendly...more edgy, updated electronic images..cell phone, play stations, a line that could encompass first car, first jobs/pay check, friends, hanging out pictures... well you get the point.

    Thanks for the chance to win.

  8. I Follow Blue Moon.
    I will post this giveaway on FB right now:)
    If I were to design a new line for BG...I would try to have more graphic images that can be used in a variety of ways...for girls, boys, ourselves. sort of like a hambly meets BG...With all the loveliness of the colors and mixtures of BG. OOh, now I'm dreaming of this line. Thanks for the chance to win some yummy BG products, and by the way you two girls rocked the layouts out! I'm enjoying looking at all the inspo:)

  9. I follow, I blogged & I must say, stunning LOS! I esp love that 2nd one of Lynette's ((GORGEOUS!!))& her last one, that song has always been a favorite of mine!!

    If I worked for BG...
    1- I'd be in heaven.
    2- I'd design another paper line with BRIGHT colors...think lollipop Shoppe or Lime Rickey.
    3- It would have a girly/spring theme, or maybe an island feel.

    I think the next big thing to hit scrapbooking will be... Bows. They seem to be everywhere else this spring!

  10. Hey guys! Thanks for another chance to win!!!
    1. I am a follower...(a blog follower...;))
    2. I blogged about the giveaway here: www.midwesternsewinggirl.blogspot.com
    3. I would definitely go for more boy-ish designs...buy not choo-choo trains & primary colors boy-ish - more like plaid, grunge, basic shapes & metal boy-ish...something awesome, not cute-sy...;)

    Thanks, again!

  11. WOW Those are amazing layouts! I have been a huge fan of BG since I started scrapbooking last year. Those layouts are SO SO BEAUTIFUL!!!! I would love to win some of this BG to create more BG layout.

    1. became a follower already
    2. Posted on my Facebook Wall
    3. If I were a BG DT, I wish I am (this is my dream team), I would still do very graphic designed layouts, use it on a canvas and origami. Something dimensional will be awesome

  12. Great layouts! I am a follower and I already posted about this giveaway/sale on my blog. I would love to design for Basic Grey;) I would defintely do some boyish layouts as I do not think that there are that many out there. I think owls, butterflies and banners are being used a lot right now but I think more teenageish images are going to start coming in. So I would say grungy style.

  13. I am a FB fan already!
    As far as design, I really think BG needs to get back to what they started out with... stuff like Motifca.... That grungy, vintage feel. Fads, I hope it's something a little less cartooney. maybe something utilitarian, like a wall socket! lol!

  14. Wow..you girls rock! These layouts are beautiful too...just WOW!
    What's not to love on BG!

  15. I just became a follower and now I'm off to post on my blog: http://stephieree80.blogspot.com. If I were a new designer I'd probably do boy designs because I have one boy and one on the way.

  16. ok. I'm back. Got the link on my blog. If I was a BG designer, I would design a line with lots of blues and pinks, i love turquoise lately.. perhaps with some fun funky shapes..I have no idea what the next trend is, it's all been done hasn't it? flowers never go out of style.

  17. I am now a follower and have posted this giveaway on my blog and I would like to see a boyish theme for CHA:)

  18. i am a follower. posted this in my blog:

    If I'm a BG designer, I would to play with lots of flowers and butterflies.

  19. Already a follower :-) and posted on my blog. I would like to see a more boyish theme for the next BG collection.

  20. I became a follower of this blog. I really enjoyed the read. I got lost for over an hour. Kath'

  21. I've been a follower for a while now! :)

    If I were to make a new line, I think that it would have a mix of geometric patterns, like grids and line, and then some floral or damask prints, and then polka dots and strips. I like to combine rough edges with delicate ones, like burlap with lace...

  22. The next line I would introduce would be a halloween/harvest theme. I love fall and I love working with the fall colors.