Friday, January 15, 2010

Thank God,it's Friday!!

Weekend is almost here...Time to relax and hopefully do some scrapbooking!I will probably create some more with the Hugs and Kisses kit.After making three layout's,i still have a lot of fun products left.Seriously,this kit is so great!Thinking about making some cute cards for Valentine.

Last week i showed you two sneak peeks,and i am happy to finally show them to you.
First one is about my Love for Twilight.The people who have seen the movies or read the books,know that the vampires sparkle in the sun.That inspired me to use the crystals from the alphabet as sparkles.I cut pieces from the Pink Paislee boarderlines to add some color to the layout.Second one is my very first Valentine layout EVER. :) I never really celebrated Valentines and never had the right pictures,so this was fun!On the picture is my brother with girlfriend,hope they like it.I painted the chipboard bright red to match the red heart cut from the pink paislee paper.
And i have some sneaks for next week :D
Hope you got inspired by them and thanks for looking/reading.
Happy Scrapping!


  1. ooh wow! I LOVE your layouts! I don't recall creating any valentine's day layouts myself....I just might have to've inspired me!

    I'm sure your brother and his girlfriend will be fighting over that layout you made of them. :)

    And ((clearing my throat))....I happen to be a BIG fan of the Twilight saga!!! It put a BIG smile on my face seeing my boyfriend (Edward) in your post this week.

  2. Holy moly, great layouts! Love the "love" layout, the red really pops and is very eye catching.

    Your sneaks look great, can't wait to see them.

  3. Two awesome layouts! The Valentine one is my fav...the layered pics are a great and the red it! Can't wait to see your sneaks!

  4. ooo awesome layouts! love Twilight!

  5. ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhh i love these!!!! love love love love love that twilight one!!! yummmmmm to Edward! :):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):)