Friday, January 22, 2010

Weekend is here!

And i have the weekend all to myself!Guess it's not hard to guess what i'll be doing this weekend.
Thinking about watching a romantic movie first...Chocolat maybe?

I made this layout using the romantic papers from the Hugs and Kisses kit.I also used the package of the alpha letters for my background.I made a 10 things i Love about you list about my two boy's.Love them lot's!

I also made a little card this time around....
Okay so i am not really a card maker,so there are probably a few cardmakers that will think;
Girl stick to your layouts!

But i sure had fun making this.I will add it to the presents for my Valentine.
The frontThe back
Hope you like it!And be sure to check back again next week,we are doing a fun challenge!!I wish everyone a happy weekend!XoXo Fauve


  1. your card is cute, perfect for Valentine's day.

    Your layout is fab! Do you a great job with combining pattern papers.

  2. Awesome creations....including the card! It's so pretty and you are indeed a fabulous card maker! Have a great weekend!

  3. Fauve, they are simply lovely! You make a great card, btw!!


  4. those cards are sooooo awesome! and such a pretty layout! great job, sweets!