Saturday, January 30, 2010

Vintage Doilies

Who doesn't LOVE intricate, laser-cut cardstock in fanciful patterns and vintage distressing? Basic Grey's paper Doilies add a hint of delicacy and designer flair to all of your art projects!

Basic Grey Nook and Pantry Doilies - Green / Blue

I went far with my 12x12 sheet. Three layouts far + I've still got lots of left-over pieces to create more stuff with - in due time. I shared 1 of my layouts titled "Wish - Hope" with you all a couple of weeks ago using part of this Doilies paper. Now I'm going to share 2 more layouts with you today.

Being that this challenge is to use a Doilies paper and a vintage photo I was inspired to go back into the 80's. Yup! I'm an 80's baby!
This 1st layout is titled "Vintage." For some reason it reminds me of Tiffany & Co. I guess because of that teal box and that HUGE smile on my face (I'm the little girl in front in the photo). I have no idea what I just un-wrapped that Christmas morning but it must have been something I really wanted. Scrapbooking goodies perhaps? LOL No....but anyway, I used the Doilies paper behind my lace trimming so that the soft white lace would show up better on the layout. Plus, it tied in rather well with the color scheme I had going on with the pink, white and teal. When I think "Vintage" I think of sepia, b/w and old washed out photo's like these. I think of....

....lace, crocheted flowers, soft floral patterns and different textures. So, I tried to include all of those elements into my layout.

The 2nd layout I'm sharing is titled "To see her is to love her." (Speaking of my mother's beauty). She was a real "looker" back then.

For this layout I also used....
7Gypsies Journey Savannah/Telfair

Prima Artistry Flowers

7Gypsies Fancy Skeleton Keys
Yes, that little monkey in the background is me. :-)

As you can see I used the Doilies paper along the edges to create a more detailed effect and it also brings out the green in my mother's dress.
Join the challenge by using any Doilies paper along with your vintage photos and create, create, create. Upload your creations into the Blue Moon Gallery for your chance to win a
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That is an awesome prize! Don't miss your chance!
Have a good weekend everyone!

Lynnette Davis


  1. Beautiful layouts! I love the layering and textures and the colors are so sweet!

  2. these are just gorgeous lynette!!!!! I wish i had your mama's body after having my brookie!! LOL! :):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):)


  4. when is the deadline for this, Id love to give it a shot!