Friday, February 5, 2010

Friday already!!

Hi everyone,Fauve here!All the way from a very rainy Holland.Hope the weather is better where you live.There is one upside to rainy day's...They are perfect to do some scrapbooking!

So here is my first layout using the Natural Living kit.Perfect name as the colors are indeed so natural and pretty...This color yellow makes me think of big sunflowers.(I love sunflowers,i get them almost every year for my bday :))

I wanted to create the effect that my small pictures were growing as grapes.I punched a small hole and attached a little ring to the picture.Then i punched a small hole in the velt,added the ring and closed it.Looking at the layout now,i might add a bit of sewing.What do you think??

The title say's 'Seeing the world through my eyes".Journaling is about my love for my camera,and how i love to spot beautiful things through it.Things that other people who are not looking through a camera,are not noticing.

Ofcourse i couldn't leave you with some sneaks!!!Looks really shabby,i know...But what's better then lace and crystals?Nothing if you ask me :) Well maybe little flowers,love them!Hope you all have a wonderful weekend!Don't forget to check out the great new kit.xoxo Fauve


  1. I love the placement of the flower (upper left) so unique (and why didn't I think of that!)

    Your shabby sneaks look great, can't wait to see them!


  3. gorgeous lo fauve and loving those sneaks! :):):):):):):):):):)

  4. i have been a stalker and just have to post at how much i love this kit and the sneaks! gorgeous

  5. Very creative layout....very cool! And the beautiful sneaks have me intrigued....hmmmmm.